Center For Continuing Medical Education And Training


The Center for Continuing Medical Education and Training has the function as: Organizing the management and implementation the activities of training, guideline, scientific research, application advanced technology. This center is under the direct leadership of hospital’s director and is responsible to the director for the its operation.
1. Building working plans, bringing into implementation and management all activities of education and training, continuing medical education and activities of technology transfer of Hospital for healthcare workers and other people in need.
2. Providing and supporting rehabilitation medicine techniques for lowerlower-levelitutions in the assigned province.
3. Organize the management of the implementation of scientific research activities and application of advanced technology in Hospital.
4. Manage students and trainees coming to the hospital for practicing.
5. Manage facilities, equipment and human resources of the Center.
6. Communication, health education, disease and pandemic prevention.
7. Term review, summarize and evaluate the result of the Center’s work.
8. Carry out other tasks assigned by the Director

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