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       On the afternoon of December 8, 2023, at the
National Rehabilitation Hospital, The Center for Continuing Medical Education and Training in collaboration with Health Professional Education Center  – Hanoi Medical University organized the Closing Ceremony of the fifth course in Basic Rehabilitation for doctors, the duration of study is 06 months. Attending the closing ceremony were representatives of the Board of Manager of the National Rehabilitation Hospital, representatives of the Health Professional Education Center – Hanoi Medical University, representatives of Hanoi Medical University Thanh Hoa Branch and all students participating in the course.
Basic Rehabilitation course for general doctors and traditional medicine doctors nationwide were opened on May 4, 2023. Participants have been fully equipped with knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of some common diseases by physiotherapy - rehabilitation methods, practicing the treatment process of some basic rehabilitation techniques; ensuring that after the course, trainees can apply the knowledge learned in the practice of daily medical examination and treatment according to the Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation specialty.
       Cam Ba Thuc. MD. PHD - Director of the Hospital, and also a course lecturer reported on the training process and learning outcomes of the trainees. With the teaching and training experience gained from previous courses, the lecturers have actively innovated in training for trainees in this course, resulting in 100% of trainees being eligible for the final test of theory and practice; Ranking at the end of the course, the trainees all meet the output standards and are eligible to receive continuous training certificates as prescribed.
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        On behalf of the students, Dr. Le Ngoc Hai thanked the teachers of the Rehabilitation Department and Health Professional Education Center – Hanoi Medical University, all trainees of the class felt the enthusiasm and dedication of the lecturers, the variety and abundance of rehabilitation equipment equipped at the General Rehabilitation Medicine Department for the treatment and practice of trainees. Besides, he expressed his deep gratitude for the attention of the leaders of the General Rehabilitation Medicine Department, the leaders of the hospital have created favorable conditions for trainees to fully absorb the learning content.
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      Speaking at the closing ceremony, Vu Viet Hang. MD. PHD - Representative of the Health Professional Education Center - Hanoi Medical University congratulated the results that the trainees have achieved during their studies, and reminded the trainees to apply in a methodical and flexible way the knowledge that has been equipped by the lecturers of the General Rehabilitation Medicine Department in the practice of medical examination and treatment at the workplace; always take the initiative to self-study and improve their knowledge; continue to participate in the next advanced classes to meet the increasing requirements of the people.
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  • Some images of the closing ceremony:
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