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     On November 30, 2023, the National Rehabilitation Hospital had a meeting between representatives of the JICA Organization from Japan and the Board of Manager of the National Rehabilitation Hospital on receiving an additional volunteer with a specialty in Physiotherapy.
     On the JICA side, there were Ms. UNAKA Keiko - coordinator of the JICA volunteer dispatching program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngu, JICA volunteer dispatching program officer; Ms. YOSHIDA Yumi, a volunteer was sent to the National Rehabilitation Hospital.
      On the side of the Hospital, there were Cam Ba Thuc MD.PhD​​, Director of the Hospital, Specialist Level II Doctor Pham Dinh Hung, Deputy Director and Specialist Level II Doctor Le Huy Cuong, Deputy Director, MSc. Le Thi Nguyet, Head of Human Resouces - Administration Department, MD. MSc. Le Van Trong, Head of the General Planning Department, Bachelor Nguyen Thi Hang, Head of the Technician Team of Rehabilitation of Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Department and Mr. MITANI SHINYA, JICA volunteer (term 2022-2024) are working at the hospital.
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   At the meeting, Cam Ba Thuc MD.PhD briefly introduced the hospital's organizational structure, professional activities, training and international cooperation. Besides, he also thanked JICA Organization for sending 02 volunteers to work at the hospital before. Ms. YOSHIDA Yumi is the third volunteer majoring in rehabilitation from Japan. Cam Ba Thuc MD.PhD highly appreciated the performance of volunteers and the Hospital also had an opportunity to exchange learning, expertise and culture of the two countries. We hope to continue to cooperate with JICA in the future to receive more volunteers.
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     A representative of JICA, Ms. UNAKA Keiko also appreciated the Hospital's cooperation in receiving volunteers in recent times. The Hospital received good feedback from volunteers, and JICA will continue to look for volunteers following the request of the Hospital. JICA is very pleased and grateful for the welcome given to the delegation as well as the Hospital's support for volunteers and hopes that the hospital will create conditions for volunteers to work and participate in other community activities of the hospital, and besides create conditions for volunteers to participate in meetings organized by JICA.
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      After listening to the speech from the representative of JICA, Dr. Cam Ba Thuc also informed JICA about the preparations to welcome volunteers, prepare accommodation, and workplace for volunteers, the issues that the Hospital supports volunteers, and informed the delegation about the climate, security, culture and food safety and hygiene of Sam Son city. Next, Ms. Le Thi Nguyet also informed the delegation about the support of the Human Resources - Administration Department on visa work for volunteers and introduced the equipment where the volunteers will stay. The JICA delegation visited the volunteer's residence, the Rehabilitation of Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Department where the volunteer will work, and a visit to the nutrition department where the volunteer can eat with hospital officials.

Author: Cam Ba Thuc. MD.PhD

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