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      In order to update professional knowledge in the field of Emergency, on April 13, 2024, the National Rehabilitation Hospital organized a continuing training class, specializing in "Emergency" for more than 100 trainees who are doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation technicians working at Thanh Hoa Rehabilitation Hospital and National Rehabilitation Hospital.
    The training class has a duration of 30 periods, the content will revolve around 06 topics, including Emergency respiratory arrest; Emergency seizure; Treatment of dizziness; Treatment of hypertension; Treatment of coronary artery disease and Treatment of dyslipidemia.
      The lecturers of the class are all teachers with high professional and technical qualifications, experienced, from Hanoi Medical University - Thanh Hoa Branch. The lecture is designed vividly, with specific illustrations to help trainees grasp knowledge in the most effective way.
MD. RESIDENT DOCTOR, MSc Le Ngoc Quy - Lecturer of class
MD. RESIDENT DOCTOR, MSc Le Thi Kien - Lecturer of class
      After the course, trainees will not only be provided with useful professional knowledge of the field of emergency medicine, ensure that they have enough knowledge and skills to provide first emergency aid, and master some of the most common emergency procedures; but also be trained in positive and professional manners while handling emergencies, and in the culture of behavior when interacting with serious patients.
  • Some pictures of the class.


Author: Thuy Trang

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