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       On the morning of March 4, 2024, the National Rehabilitation Hospital organized a scientific workshop on application in rehabilitation led by experts from Hiroshima University Japan (headed by Prof. Susumu Urakawa).
Specialist level II doctor Le Huy Cuong - Deputy Director of the Hospital, In charge of the General Rehabilitation Department delivered the opening speech
       Attending the workshop were Dr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Head of the Rehabilitation Department, Military Hospital 103; Dr. Le Van Quan - Head of the Department of Functional Diagnosis, Military Hospital 103; Dr. Nguyen Tien Son - Deputy Head of the Rheumatology Department, Military Hospital 103 - Interpreter, and many delegates who are doctors and lecturers with expertise in rehabilitation from Hospitals and Schools in the area Thanh Hoa province such as: National Rehabilitation Hospital, Thanh Hoa Traditional Medicine Hospital, Thanh Hoa Children's Hospital, Thanh Hoa Medical College,...
      Rehabilitation is a specialization that studies and applies medical measures, rehabilitation techniques, education and sociology... in order to enable people with disabilities to perform as much as possible the functions that have been reduced or lost due to defects and functional impairments. Make the disabled as independent as possible, as close to normal as possible. Ensure that people with disabilities are integrated or reintegrated into society. According to the World Health Organization, the proportion of people with disabilities in general is about 15%, including birth defects, accidents, medical and surgical diseases... in which disabilities due to neurological diseases account for a large proportion of over 50% and increase with age.
      Since the eighties, robots have been applied to rehabilitation and today are strongly developed, both in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases, especially in stroke. Applying robots in rehabilitation helps to activate the walking process, create feedback reflexes back to the brain, helping to better restore movement for patients.
Dr. Yoshihiro Yasunaga reported at the workshop
Prof.PhD. Susumu Urakawa Hiroshima University reported at the Workshop
      Report of Dr. Yoshihiro Yasunaga has highlighted the mechanism of action of Robots in neurological rehabilitation, demonstrating the effect of relearning and increased regeneration in the brain after training with Robots. The practical part showed the intelligence and creativity of the HAL Robot in supporting paralytic hand training. With electrodes pasted in the moving limbs, the robot is inserted into the limb that needs to be moved, the patient only needs to think of the paralyzed limb movement, the robot will automatically support the limb movement for the patient. After the conference, everyone was well aware of the role of physiotherapy techniques in neurosurgery, especially after stroke. At the same time, understand the mechanism of action, value and benefits that Robots can bring to paralyzed patients.

Author: Thuy Trang

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